About Me

In January 2022 my family won a trip to Radium, BC for a week. When we weren't enjoying the snow and the mountains, we were enjoying the local food, beer, and coffee. It wasn't until I got home and made a pot of my store bought coffee that i realized how much better freshly roasted was.  

Before I knew it I had a small coffee roaster, a surplus of green beans, and way too much fun learning the art and science of roasting. I spent countless hours playing with different origins, temperatures, and durations. Even the slightest temperature fluctuation or time change can alter the taste of a roast. 

Apple Tree Coffee is an Amisk based company with one goal: to bring high quality, freshly roasted coffee right to your doorstep. We strive to bring quality and consistency while still focusing on the things that matter, direct trade and production in a carbon neutral works!